Scoring adjustments

We have updated the leaderboard and we are close to being able to reveal the top20 who qualified for the 2020 Reykjavik CrossFit Championship finals.

This is how we have judged the videos:


lack of extension: 1sec/rep, not reaching the line: 1sec/infraction, bringing DB down before crossing the line: 1sec/infraction, walking further than 20ft in a straight line: 5sec/infraction


Miscount/failed rep: 2sec/rep

OHS: lack of depth: 1sec/rep, lack of extension: 1sec/rep

DB snatch:

finishing with DB in front of body: 1sec/rep, touching one end of DB; 0,5sec/rep, not locking out the elbow: 0,5sec/rep

We have contacted all athletes who have provided poor video or did not adhere to the standards. These athletes will have 36h to resubmit video – they will NOT BE ABLE TO IMPROVE THEIR SCORES. This is only for them to show that they can meet the standards. ANY NO REPS in these submissions will disqualify the athlete from competition.

If you have questions about the adjustments, please email